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Jamaica Reggae Industry Association

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  1. To unite and further the common interests of all individuals, institutions, organisations and firms directly and indirectly involved in music and the music industry in Jamaica.

  2. To promote and provide opportunities for the continued development of Members by facilitating access to networking, education, training and capacity building.

  3. To facilitate access to information about all possible financial support and opportunities available within the public and private sectors locally and overseas for Members.

  4. To provide a forum for Members to discuss industry concerns and opportunities and, where relevant, to lobby The Jamaican government and its agencies to protect and preserve the industry and its members.

  5. To canvas and lobby international organisations, agencies and foreign governments in collaborative efforts.

  6. To reposition Jamaica as the centre of the global Reggae movement and culture.

  7. To commence the complex process of repatriating our musical birthright and patrimony.

  8. To play a lead role in the annual planning and organising of reggae month, including its program and activities.

  9. To be an exemplary global music community for broadly increasing the economic, social and cultural wealth of Jamaica and JaRIA’s members in particular.

Reggae Wednesdays


February 1, 2023

Reggae Open University

February 9, 2023

Reggae Open University

February 23, 2023

Reggae Open University


February 2, 2023



February 15, 2023

JaRIA Honour
Awards Launch


February 26, 2023



February 8, 2023

Reggae Open University


February 16, 2023



February 28, 2023



February 8, 2023



February 22, 2023

Reggae Wednesdays

Reggae Wednesdays is a series of concerts which seeks to entertain while educating audiences about the development of the music through performances from artistes across all genres of reggae from ska to dancehall.

JaRIA Honour Awards

As demonstrated in previous years (2009- 2020), this event provides an authentic barometer for gauging the development of the music and its practitioners. The Honour Awards is a glamorous, star-studded gala event where special recognition is given to industry icons who have figured prominently in the amazing penetration of Jamaican music culture across the world. The intention is to salute significant achievement, red carpet style, using the essential elements of a concert format with performances interspersed between presentations of the awards.

Reggae Open University

The Reggae Open University was established to fulfill JaRIA’s mandate to educate and inform members on matters affecting the industry. The conversations include local and international experts within the industry and explores subjects impacting the industry.


Was a critical partner in helping to achieve the inscription of Reggae on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Has led or collaborated in symposiums and educational forums on music and entertainment

Produce the annual JaRIA HONOUR AWARDS which has become the most coveted Entertainment Industry recognition

Spearheaded the establishment of REGGAE MONTH as an annual celebration

Was a central collaborator in helping Kingston to achieve designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Music

Continues to represent the interest of the Entertainment Industry in Tools of Trade Negotiations

Has been a critical voice at the table lobbying for the creation of Entertainment Zones

At the forefront of discussions for amendments to the following:
1. Noise Abatement Act, inclusive of a proposed change in name to Sound Management.
2. Copyright Act
3. Anti-Gang Bill

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